What do You Think the Bible Is?

Our UU faith tradition was grounded in Christianity. As such, the Bible and its many interpretations have largely shaped UU history.  Yet, for many of us the Bible is a strange, largely unknown book that we rarely, if ever, open. Yet, English authors over the centuries have presumed that their readers were Biblically literate. In addition, many of us unknowingly use Biblical language in our everyday speech.  For example, “Drop in the bucket” and “A man after his own heart” are both Biblical phrases. This morning we will take a brief look at this book and perhaps glimpse what it might have to offer.

Dick Smythe is an entomologist retired from the research division of the US Forest Service. Throughout his life he has maintained two dominant interests: first, his fascination with the natural world – our non-human environment and endless source of wonder; second, his abiding interest in religion/theology – a subject of continuing education and challenge.