Moving from War to Peace with Claudena Skran

In today’s world it seems as if there are so many endless conflicts between rival nations, and, as a result, innocent civilians are injured, people flee as refugees, and generations are marred by violence.  Yet, it is possible to move from War to Peace.  Drawing on her 20 years of work in West Africa and her recent tour of all of Ireland, Prof. Claudena Skran reflects on the experience of sectarian and religious violence in these regions. She highlights the importance of key individuals, concerned outsiders, and political institutions in solving religious conflicts and moving societies from war to a lasting peace.

Professor Claudena Skran teaches about refugees, human rights, and international politics at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.  Skran earned her doctorate at Oxford University and is the author of The Refugee Problem in Interwar Europe:  The Emergence of a Regime.  Prof. Skran has spent most of her academic career studying refugees, and has written about refugees from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  She is also the founder of KidsGive, a scholarship organization for children in Sierra Leone, a country which has experienced massive population displacement.