Why We Worship

Since before recorded history, the human animal has gathered in groups to perform rituals, to share spiritual experience, and to sit in awe at that which we find ourselves embedded in. Worship, derived from the old English word to acknowledge worth, takes on many forms today. Especially in the UU movement, worship can be most anything.

This service will be a bit different. We’ll talk some about the history of Unitarian and Universalist worship and the form of worship we use today. As we work our way through a typical UUFDC service, we’ll explore the elements and examine their history and meaning. We will acknowledge the worth of our gathering time and maybe open some new ways of imagining worship.

Mark Richards recently began his fourth career as a hospice chaplain serving Door and Kewaunee counties.  He is a lifelong New Englander who also spent fifteen years in North Carolina.  He is a candidate for ministerial fellowship with the UUA and will accept prayers, positive energy, and/or good wishes. Mark and Christina recently purchased a home in Carlsville and are enjoying exploring the Door County peninsula and meeting new friends.