2018 - 2019 Fiscal Year


PurposeEnsure our building and grounds are safe, comfortable, attractive, meeting program and congregational needs, and always moving toward a “greener” future.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesPlan, organize, and arrange on-going maintenance of the building and grounds including replacement of fixtures and furnishings and general construction activities. Oversee mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing, and HVAC equipment and systems. Plan and implement major improvements and special projects with approval of the board. Submit annual plan of proposed repairs and improvements with budget request each March. Develop future leadership within the committee.
PurposeSupport our members and friends in times of need and joy.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesProvide programs and services to fulfill a key element of our mission: “Cares actively for the wellbeing of its fellowship family”. (Services may include meals, grocery shopping or other errands, rides to appointments, supportive visits, short-term pet care, calls, cards, and respite for caregivers.) Form subcommittees, support groups, and task forces to address issues as needed to plan for education and enrichment activities or workshops on topics of interest. Submit quarterly reports and yearly budget request to board. Develop future leadership within the committee.
PurposeSustain the overall financial health of our Fellowship.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesReview financial reports; plan for future needs; develop annual budget for approval at the annual meeting; develop and monitor financial policies; plan and implement annual pledge drive; develop and implement additional fundraising strategies to balance budget and fund special projects.
PurposeProvide opportunities for social interaction within our Fellowship.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesPlan, promote and carry out at least four social activities each year; coordinate the volunteers who support our Sunday service and fellowship time; organize annual Circle Supper program; help with receptions following a memorial service; assist other committees with social events; oversee kitchen; coordinate March birthday party for Care Center residents at Scandia Village. Submit annual budget request in March. Develop future leadership within the committee.
PurposeDeepen and strengthen the bonds of our community with opportunities to learn together.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesDevelop and implement an annual schedule of activities (small groups, programs, workshops, discussions, classes, etc.) that fulfill key elements of our mission (“celebrates diverse beliefs; invites spiritual growth, intellectual inquiry, and creative expression”) as well as meet the needs and interest of the congregation; market and coordinate scheduled activities. Develop future leadership within the committee.
PurposeEnsure our members and friends are well informed and people who are “shopping for a church” are able to make an informed decision about UUFDC.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesReview, evaluate, and recommend changes to UUFDC marketing and communication strategies, including the website. Direct staff on implementation of strategies. Maintain a fresh and updated website. Submit annual budget request each March. Develop future leadership within the committee.
PurposeEnsure the growth and retention of our membership.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesBuild a team of trained greeters who support the efforts of the Membership team; develop contents for New Member information packets; develop and implement strategies to “close the back door”; offer quarterly UUFDC orientation sessions and new member events; acknowledge new members; develop clear “path to membership” (from request for friends name tag to follow-up after book signing) so that all members of the team (Membership Committee, Board, greeters) are fully informed on how to proceed; survey skills and talents of new members and friends and share results with all committee chairs. Submit annual budget request in March. Develop future leadership within the committee.
PurposeEnsure every Sunday service challenges and inspires us in our faith and service.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesOversee every aspect of the Sunday service; evaluate all speakers; expand pool of qualified speakers; schedule and maintain pool of vocal and instrumental musicians, including choir; recruit, train and nurture service leaders; direct staff in booking of speakers. Submit annual budget request in March. Develop future leadership within the committee.
Purpose Create opportunities to engage in social justice programs that reflect the congregation’s mission and benefit the larger community.
Duties/ResponsibilitiesOrganizes relevant social justice programs for the Fellowship that fulfill key elements of our mission: well-being of the larger community, stewardship of the earth, and equality and justice for all. Approves the establishment of social justice action teams that are relevant, meaningful, and reflect the interests and commitment of the congregation. Reviews action team annual goals and progress regularly; advises on potential areas of collaboration, communication and partnerships; encourages opportunities for personal growth and relationship-building; and monitors teams for operating within the budget and maximal congregational involvement. Submits an annual budget request in March. Develops future leadership within the committee.


Please contact the Fellowship Administrator if you have any questions or would like to participate