Our Social Responsibility Committee (SRC) believes in making the world a better place and uses the UUFDC mission statement as its guide “to pursue equality and justice for all people; to practice conscientious stewardship of the earth; and to care actively for the wellbeing of its Fellowship family and the larger community”. We are a working and inclusive committee encouraging the entire Fellowship to do social justice, not just talk about it.

SRC provides information and education to the Fellowship on local, national, and international matters of concern. It recommends and provides opportunities for volunteer action in the community and the world and encourages change in the personal lives of our Members and Friends. At least twice a year, SRC organizes a Fellowship service project such as a park cleanup, invasive species eradication, Habitat for Humanity, etc. The SRC also sponsors Good Neighbor Day twice a year to assist UUFDC Members/Friends with lawn or other housework.

SRC’s continuing activities include programs serving a variety of needs:

Humanitarian: Loaves and Fishes, Food Barrel, Alzheimer’s Walk, UUSC Guest at Your Table, Holiday Mitten Tree, support of our Hispanic neighbors in various ways including financial allocations, holiday gifts and English-language support through the Conversation Partner Program. Our monthly “Third Sunday” collection is an opportunity to contribute to a variety of local, national and international causes.

Educational: Movies That Matter, Justice Sunday, Earth Day Sunday, and Green Practices.

Environmental: Highway cleanup, Earth Day Sunday, Vegan Potluck, recycling of batteries, active support of the Climate Change Coalition of Door County. The Green Practices subcommittee tracks the “green” choices the Fellowship makes in its building and grounds decisions. Green Practices offers educational, environmental programs to the Fellowship.

Economic Justice: Fair Trade Coffee and other merchandise are offered for purchase at every Sunday service.

We welcome new Members or Friends into our planning group and look forward to working together! Contact chairperson, Judy Brodd at: judy@thelittlecottage.com or 854-5478 to learn more!